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At Carriage House Day Care Center, Inc., every little laugh, every small discovery, and every precious moment of your child’s early years is treasured. Located in Meriden, CT, our education programs care for children of all ages, from infant day care to school-age children. Our passionate and dedicated staff¬†create a safe and loving environment where your little one’s curiosity is encouraged to flourish. With playful activities, interactive learning experiences, and personalized care, we lay the foundation for a lifetime of joyful learning.

Quality Daycare in Meriden, CT

Our Philosophy

Your child’s unique needs are at the heart of our flexible daily schedule. We cater to a diverse community, embracing cultural, language, and developmental differences. From indoor and outdoor activities that support motor development to problem-solving experiences that enhance speech and sensory skills, we foster holistic growth. Our program empowers children to express themselves through art, play, music, and more. With a focus on self-reliance, health education, and exploration, we create a real-world learning environment. Children thrive when they pursue their interests and when families are actively involved.

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Our Programs


staff:child ratio = 1:4 group size 12

To ensure individualized attention for infants, we divide our classroom into two sections, with the youngest four infants spending most of their day with one primary staff member in the cozy smaller portion. Our playful approach encourages little ones to crawl, stand, walk, talk, and explore their surroundings. We inspire curiosity by introducing infants to what’s happening around them in group play and individual activities.


staff:child ratio = 1:4 group size 8

Our little explorers are given abundant opportunities to follow their curiosity and choose activities that ignite their imagination. Through playful exploration, artistic expression, and interactive circle time and music, toddlers connect, socialize, and share in the joy of learning. We cherish the importance of active play in nature, where they can walk, jump, climb, slide, play ball, and dance freely.

Preschool & Pre-K

staff:child ratio = 1:10 group size 20

We believe in nurturing the unique needs of preschool children through a blend of individual selection and group activities. Our little learners delight in making choices and exploring stimulating activities at our learning centers. Circle time, storytime, and music and movement create connections as children interact with their friends and teachers. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to spark learning through fun, exploration, and the power of choice.

School Age

staff:child ratio = 1:10 group size 20-27

Discover a world of motivation, independence, and enthusiasm in our school-age program at Carriage House Day Care. From before and after school care to full-day programs during vacations and no school days, we offer quality activities for grades K-5. Our dedicated staff plans exciting adventures and creative experiences, including field trips and special visitors. Transportation is provided to select Meriden Public Schools, ensuring convenience for busy parents. Sign up for before-school, after-school, or both options. Trust Carriage House to nurture your child’s growth, even on early dismissal days.

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